Disney in Concert has been ensuring sold out theaters all over the world for years now. This year, this impressing show – which brings film, music and famous stories together uniquely – will be bigger than ever. 

Producer Marmalade is delighted to announce that Saturday, May 13th, Pirates of the Caribbean live will take place in Antwerp’s Lotto Arena 

A big symphonic orchestra, led by Dirk De Caluwe, will play the unsurpassed, world-famous music of the blockbuster ‘‘Pirates of the Caribbean – the Curse of the Black Pearl’’ while in the meantime, the movie will be playing on an enormous screen. 

A unique chance to relive the adventures of captain Jack Sparrow and his crew, and to live enjoy the epic soundtrack. 

Presentation licensed by Disney Concerts © All rights reserved
Music by Klaus Badelt
Music Themes and Production by Hans Zimmer.
© 2003 Walt Disney Music Company