Director: Dries Vos
Script: Jonas Van Geel & Jef Hoogmartens
Cast: Bart Hollanders, Steve Geerts, Flor Decleir, Frances Lefebure, Ella-June Henrard,
Lize Feryn, Halve Neuro, Mathieu Sys, Jeroen Van Dyck, Filip Peeters
Status: In Production

Ibiza is a comedy film that tells us about Tom, a man who failed his job being a TV-host. He is the witness on a big wedding of his best friend in Ibiza. When he arrives on the island, he finds out he has a incurable disease and only has a few weeks left to live. With his 2 best friends, he decides to enjoy the last bits of his life: cross off everything of his bucketlist and spend all his money. The once so thoughtful and moneysaving Tom transforms into a man of pleasure and disconnects from his old life. Till he finds out the doctor made a mistake and gave him the wrong results… He happens to be completely healthy.