Ghent west
season II 

Director: Mathieu Mortelmans, Jeroen Dumoulein
Script: Barbara Van Laere, Rudy Morren
Script Editor: Pieter De Graeve
Producers: Marmalade in co-production with FremantleMedia Belgium
Cast: Ruth Becquart, Charlotte-Anne Bongaerts, Gilda De Bal, Evelien Bosmans, Michael Pas, Gert Winckelmans, Inge Paulussen, Els Olaerts, Tatyana Beloy, Greet Verstraete, Kadèr Gürbuz, Julia Ghysels, Lucas Van den Eynde,…
Status: On VIER early 2018

In the second season of Ghent West, Véronique wants revenge. For months she’s been in isolation and Sam took this as an opportunity to gain control over drugs traffic in the prison. When the new prison director arrives, the playing cards are shuffled. The new warden wants to use Véronique to start an intern prison war over drugs control, to break Sam’s power. But that’s not what Véronique is planning on doing.. She just wants retribution for her daughters death.

Ghent-West is based on the Australian format “Wentworth” developed and produced by FremantleMedia Australia Pty Ltd.