the escape

Director: Ineke Houtman
Script: Mirjam Oomkes, Olga Ponjee
Cast: Isa Hoes, Edwin Jonker, Rik Mayall, Ellen Schoeters,
Matthijs van de Sande Bajhuyzen, Abbey Hoes
Status: Now available on DVD/Blu-ray, Netflix and iTunes

Julia has a steady job, lives in a new build and has two children with her caring husband Paul. But there are antidepressants in her kitchen drawer. Her life is so different to how she and her brother Jimmy used to imagine it would be when they were young. Their tragic goodbye was twenty years ago, but it still haunts her. After a fight with Paul, Julia decides to do something drastic. She leaves – Jimmy style – for the Portuguese Algarve; the end of the world. She makes new friends and reinvents herself completely, but she discovers along the way that escape is not the same as finding happiness. When she meets mysterious gigolo Romeo, Julia’s past really starts to catch up with her.

A humorous drama about Julia, who not only planned to live a moving life but also promised her dying brother to do so 20 years ago.