Jonas Van Geel has high expectations
for his new movie ‘Bad Trip’!

Jonas Van Geel announces his new movie ‘Bad Trip’ in a very special way! “An absolute masterpiece of the Flemish film industry”!In this spectacular film, he will be playing the main role alongside Ben Segers, Gene Bervoets and Tom Audenaert. Produced by Marmalade and brought to you by Entertainment One, ‘Bad Trip’ will be in Belgian theaters December 6.

During their last week as housemates, 4 friends, Tim, Kris, Sebastiaan and René accidentally end up in a tough situation where they get one week to sell an incredible amount of cocaine. This would be a challenging assignment for the most experienced gangsters, but for these 4, who don’t know a thing about the criminal world, it’s basically impossible. This insane task forces them to fall deeper and deeper into the criminal world. A intimidating yet hilarious trip that takes them across the Jewish, Turkish and Flemish drug mafia.