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Bart Hollanders will play
the main role in our newest
Flemish film ‘IBIZA’.

Belgian production company Marmalade started filming their new movie. A new production directed by Dries Vos (Biker Boys, Allemaal Familie, De Dag, Bad Trip, etc.). The script was written by Jef Hoogmartens while the idea for the movie came from Jonas Van Geel and himself. The main character will be portrayed by Bart Hollanders (known for his role as Randy Paret in the hit tv show ‘Callboys’), his first ever main role. The rest of the cast includes Steve Geerts, Flor Decleir, Ella June Henrard, Mathieu Sys, Lize Feryn, Jeroen van Dyck, Frances Lefebure, Filip Peeters and rapper ‘Halve Neuro’. IBIZA is about enjoying life to its fullest; “Carpe Diem”!

Our goal is to communicate this lifestyle to the audience in a comical yet romantic way. “It’s been a blast working with this cast, the content that we’re making is extremely beautiful!” Yoshi Aesaert, CEO Marmalade.

Ibiza is a comedy film that tells us about Tom, a man who failed his job being a TV-host. He is the witness on a big wedding of his best friend in Ibiza. When he arrives on the island, he finds out he has a incurable disease and only has a few weeks left to live. With his 2 best friends, he decides to enjoy the last bits of his life: cross off everything of his bucketlist and spend all his money. The once so thoughtful and moneysaving Tom transforms into a man of pleasure and disconnects from his old life. Till he finds out the doctor made a mistake and gave him the wrong results… He happens to be completely healthy.

IBIZA, in theaters: 2018