Tine Reymer and Koen De Bouw will star in our new movie ‘Bastard’.

Belgian production company Marmalade, in co-production with Entertainment One, started filming their new movie ‘Bastard’’. A new psychological thriller directed by Mathieu Mortelmans. Written by Jan Pepermans and Stefanie Vanhecke (‘Chaussée d’Amour’).

With well-known actors like Tine Reymer (‘The Premier’, ‘Salamander’, ‘Loft’, etc.) and Koen De Bouw (‘The Premier’, ‘The Verdict‘, ‘Loft‘, the American tv show ‘The Last Tycoon, etc,.)‘ but also filled with young up and coming actors like Spencer Bogaert and Bjarne Devolder.

‘Bastard’ will be the directing debut of a feature film for Mathieu Mortelmans. He is known for his short films like ‘Complices’ and ‘Chambre Double’, which have won a couple of prices. Both shorts were selected by numerous national and international film festivals.

‘Chambre Double’ (2013) was repeatedly nominated and has won multiple awards. ‘Complices’ (2016) has won a whopping 8 awards, one of which was for “Best Drama” at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival, the biggest and most notorious short film festival of the United States. Besides that, he also directed a few episodes for ‘Missing’, ‘The Bunker‘, ‘Ghent-West‘ and ‘The Crown Witness‘.

With Spencer Bogaert and Bjarne Devolder taking the leading roles, Marmalade consciously chose a young cast for this psychological thriller. “Spencer and Bjarne are a force to be reckoned with in the nearby future of film and theater” - Yoshi Aesaert 

Bogaert made his acting debut in the Flemish Adventure movie ’Labyrinthus’ (2014) and also plays the main role in the Belgian-French film ‘Vincent’. Just last year, Bogaert was on set for the Albert Hughes directed movie ‘The Solutrean’, playing alongside ‘X-Men’ star Kodi Smit-McPhee. “As for Devolder, he has yet to make his film debut, but Bjarne convinced us he was made for this part right away after his mind-blowing audition.” - Yoshi Aesaert. As an addition to this already talented cast, Lucas Van den Eynde, Arne De Tremerie, Lukas Bulteel, César De Sutter, Sandrine André, Els Olaerts, Dirk Roofthooft and Marijke Umans will make their appearance.


Two years after the tragic loss of his older brother, Daan, aged 17, has unwantedly become the head of a trauma-torn family. Because his father has taken flight in work, Daan feels forced to take care of his mother. The weight of grief seems impossible to overcome until the family meets homeless teenager Radja. Daan’s mother grasps this opportunity to fill the void and offers the unknown boy shelter in the family home. Once Daan realizes that Radja steadily develops power over his mother, he decides to delve into the newcomer’s mysterious past. Soon he fears that the intruder may have all the features of a psychopath…