‘Ghent West’ in top 5
most bingewatched tv shows!

Provider Telenet has shown us that ‘Ghent West’ sits at #4 most bingewatched tv shows!

Flemish tv-shows are extremely popular and are being watched frequently. Most viewers watch at least 5 episodes in a row!

“Statistics has shown us that the average Fleming is devoted to homegrown content.” as told by Ils Neus, VP go2market & product entertainment of Telenet. By giving people the option to this “binge-mode” option, it doesn’t make any difference if it’s international or homegrown.

Top 5 most bingewatched shows (according to Telenet):

1. Chaussée d’Amour 

2. F.C. De Kampioenen

3. The Walking Dead

4. Ghent West

5. Game of Thrones

Our Ghent West tops the sensational Game of Thrones!

VIER has currently bought the rights for a season 2 of our show, production is currently in progress.